Kristel Tardif-Grenier. PhD, ps.éd.


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Kristel Tardif-Grenier is an associate professor in the Department of Psychoeducation and Psychology at Université du Québec en Outaouais (UQO) and received a doctorate in Psychoeducation in 2015 (Université de Montréal). She teaches psychometry as well as psychoeducational intervention in schools and multicultural contexts.

She is also a researcher at the Centre for Research and Expertise – Jeunes en difficulté of the CIUSSS-Centre-Sud-de-l’Ile-de-Montréal and with the School Environments Research Group (SERG). Since the beginning of her graduate studies, Kristel Tardif-Grenier has been interested in racialized youth and young people with an immigrant background. Her work has focused on their adaptation to school, in particular their school engagement, as well as the way in which their parents can concretely support them.

More recently, she has led three projects on the contribution of social support and coping strategies to the psychological well-being and resilience of adolescents [FRQSC: 2017-2020; SSHRC: 2019-2020] and young adults [SSHRC: 2020-2023] from immigrant and racialized groups. She is a proponent of a mixed methodology designed to identify trends and to understand the meaning of a phenomenon from the point of view of youth themselves, thus giving added value to the results. In addition to her activities within the It Takes a Village Research Laboratory, she has also carried out work on the psychological well-being and school adaptation of Quebec adolescents during a pandemic.


Christine Gervais, PhD


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Christine Gervais is a professor in the Department of Nursing at Université du Québec en Outaouais (UQO). As a nurse with a doctorate in psychology, she teaches family and perinatal health.

She is also a regular researcher at the SHERPA University Institute: Immigration, Diversity and Health and with the Paternity, Family and Society research team, and a FQRS scholarship researcher with a research program aimed at characterizing the mental health of immigrant children and improving the professional practices that target them.

Her research projects focus on the health of families with a particular emphasis on the migration context. She is particularly interested in the experience and representations of children of immigrant background with respect to the events and contexts they deal with. Child-centred research is at the heart of a number of her projects, thus contributing to the development of methodologies to involve children as actors and partners in studies of which they are the focus.

In addition to her activities in the It Takes a Village Research Laboratory, she has completed several works on parenting in the context of migration and led the study Reactions: Stories of Children and Adolescents on COVID-19. She is also interested in the development and evaluation of innovative interventions and programs to support the health of families.

Collaborating researchers

Isabelle Archambault

Professor – School of Psychoeducation

Université de Montréal

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Isabelle Archambault holds the Canada Research Chair in School, Child Well-Being, and Educational Success and co-holds the Myriagone McConnell-UdM Chair in Youth Knowledge Mobilization. Anchored in a social justice perspective, her work is recognized for its impact on the development of best practices to support children with special needs, including those with mental health problems or from disadvantaged or immigrant backgrounds.



William Falcão

Postdoctoral Fellow

HEC Montréal

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The holder of a PhD in sport psychology (McGill University), William Falcão is a Postdoctoral Fellow at HEC Montreal. His work focuses on the broad aspects of youth development through sport, pertaining to the athlete, the coach, and the club/organization. He has examined coaching strategies, developed coach training protocols, and developed evaluation strategies using sport as a tool for development.


Isabel Côté

Professor in the Department of Social Work Université du Québec en Outaouais

Université du Québec en Outaouais

Isabel Côté is Professor in the Department of Social Work at the Université du Québec en Outaouais and holder of the Canada Research Chair in Surrogacy and Family Links. She is conducting several research projects to collect the voices of children and adolescents, particularly concerning their identity construction and the integration of their origins.
In 2020, she published the book, “La recherche centrée sur l’enfant: défis éthiques et innovations méthodologiques”, with the Presses de l’Université Laval.


Marie-Laure Dioh

Professor - Department of Administration

Université du Québec en Outaouais

Marie-Laure Dioh is a psychologist and Associate Professor in the Department of Administration at Université du Québec en Outaouais. Her research focuses on the socio-professional integration of immigrants, skilled workers, and refugees in Quebec; their empowerment and agency; and the management of diversity in Quebec industries. Marie-Laure is a long-time member of the Équipe de recherche en partenariat sur la diversité culturelle et l’immigration dans la région de Québec (Partnership research team on cultural diversity and immigration in the Quebec City region, or ÉDIQ).

Clemence Due

Professeure à l’école de psychologie

University of Adelaide

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Clemence Due est professeure à l’école de psychologie de l’Université d’Adelaide (Australie). À travers ses travaux de recherche, elle vise à améliorer le bien-être et la santé mentale des enfants réfugiés et migrants. Son travail fait appel à des méthodologies participatives, dirigées par des enfants, permettent à ces derniers de faire entender leur voix. Ses projets de recherche portent sur la compréhension de la santé mentale et des traumatismes, les déterminants sociaux de la santé mentale, le handicap, l’éducation et l’inclusion sociale des enfants réfugiés et immigrants.[GC1]

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Véronique Dupéré

Professor – School of Psychoeducation

Université de Montréal

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Véronique Dupéré is a professor at the School of Psychoeducation of Université de Montréal. She holds the Canada Research Chair on the Transition to Adulthood and co-holds the Myriagone McConnell-UdM Chair in Youth Knowledge Mobilization. Her work focuses on adolescents and young adults and is based on a life course approach. More specifically, she examines how inequities of support and adversity influence trajectories of education, employment, and psychosocial adjustment.


Elizabeth Olivier

Postdoctoral Fellow

Concordia University
Substantive-Methodological Synergy Research Laboratory
Department of Psychology

Elizabeth Olivier is a postdoctoral researcher at the School of Psychoeducation (Université de Montréal). After receiving her doctorate in psychoeducation from Université de Montréal in 2017, she joined the team of Professor Benoit Galand at the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium for a first postdoctoral fellowship, then completed a second postdoctoral fellowship under the supervision of Professor Alexandre J.S. Morin of Concordia University. Using complex statistical analyses, her research focuses on the emotional, behavioral, and social difficulties of boys and girls in elementary and secondary school, as well as the practices of teachers that can enhance the motivation and success of these students.


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